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Due to the unique 2-cell construction this kind of turbine operates with highest efficiency from 12%-100% of design flow. It requires almost no maintenance and has been proved in nearly 10.000 places of more than 110 countries worldwide.

Operating Conditions:

Keeping the level in the tank in front of the inlet pipe constant, SHPP shall control the flow rate by generating electrical energy. SHPP will operate parallel to the public electric network and feed in the produced energy.
It is fully automated and requires only occasional supervision attendance (to lubricate the bearings etc.).

The control system incorporating a programmable automatic machine (PLC) contains all information and checking levels ensuring safe operation, high level of efficiency and reliability of the SHPP. Furthermore it contains interface for remote communication of the SCADA conception with the possibility of remote transmission of instructions and signaling.

Hydraulic Characteristics:
Gross headHb = 85,00m
Pipe lengthL = 560m
Hydraulic losses∑t = 5,00m
Net headHnet = 80,00m
Flow rates: maximum flow rate at HnetQmax = 4.500l/s
minimum flow rate at HnetQmin = 540l/s
minimum operation flowQ = 270l/s

The Purchaser will guarantee that the above mentioned heads and flow rates will not change. The Purchaser will also guarantee that the pipe all over his longitude holds general service pressure 9 bars. The pipe has to be installed straight, without peaks and bends and may not exert any forces, pressures and vibrations to the SHPP.

Technical Parameters:
Guaranteed performance based on the above mentioned hydraulic characteristics:
Flow rate100%90%60%30%17%12%
Output kW3.0722.7641.842921510317
Flow rate l/s4.5004.0502.7001.350765540
Efficiency in % ( ή )878787878575

Output Turbine max. : 3.071 kW
Output Generator max.: 2.845 kW

Valve in front of turbine
  • shut-off valve with electric drive
  • cast iron GGG40 
  • pressure tested at 1,5 x nominal pressure 
  • nominal dimension DN 1400 
  • nominal pressure PN 10 
  • assembly joint 
  • free flange DN 1400 PN 10 for penstock connection 
  • complete set of gaskets and connection material 

Turbine with accessories
  • 2 - cell Crossflow-turbine, G 125.054/26 g 
  • runner diameter 1.250 mm 
  • runner width 540 mm 
  • shaft diameter 260 mm 
  • nominal revolutions 290/min 
  • maximum revolutions 627/min (runaway speed) 
  • anti-friction bearings designed for a service life more than 100.000 operating hours 
  • 2 x separate guide vanes mounted with maintenance-free bearings 
  • inlet pipe 
  • outlet pipe integrated into the base plate frame 
  • robust casing of welded construction 
  • emergency shutdown weights (gravimetric) mounted on lever arms 
  • sensors for revolution scanning and guide vane position 
  • corrosion protection (sandblasting, priming min. 100µm, finishing min. 100µm) 
  • noise level at 1 m distance max. 90dB 

Hydraulic unit
  • aluminium oil tank 
  • first oil filling included 
  • motor driven gear pump 
  • pressure accumulator 
  • control via proportional and seat valves 
  • hydraulic cylinders 
  • galvanized oil tubing, pressure fittings 

Gearbox / Couplings
  • gearbox with oil cooling 
  • first oil filling included 
  • transmission ratio i = 3,45 
  • designed with safety factor: 2 x nominal output 
  • oil temperature max. 85°C 
  • temperature sensor (1 x PT100) 
  • pre-heat element 
  • anti-friction bearings designed for a service life more than 100.000 operating hours 
  • anchors for gearbox 
  • couplings between the turbine, gearbox and generator 
  • protection covers of rotating parts 

  • synchronous generator in hydro-power design horizontal 
  • brushless, self-excited, self-ventilated, star-connected 
  • tested according to IEC 34 
  • design power factor 0,9 
  • nominal output PN = 3.636 kVA (including 15% safety margin at power factor 0,9) 
  • nominal revolutions 1.000/min 
  • maximum revolutions 2.163/min (runaway speed) 
  • tension 6,3 kV, frequency 50 Hz 
  • protection IP 23, cooling IC 01, insulation category H/F 
  • anti-friction bearings designed for a service life more than 100.000 operating hours 
  • anti-condensation heater 
  • temperature sensors (winding, bearings - 5 x PT100) 
  • anchors for generator

Control system
  • ensures unmanned operation of SHPP parallel with the public electric network 
  • option of manual operation 
  • SIMATIC in required configuration I/O 
  • 5,7 monochromatic LCD panel in touch screen design 
  • process visualization 
  • robust steel cabinet with cable entry from the bottom 
  • breakdown automatics (will ensure the shut-down of SHPP in case of failure identification and its starting up after the failure termination) 
  • voltage supply for control system (incl. illumination) 
  • remote control and signaling (SCADA), PC included 
  • communication cables (Cu) between turbine and control system 
  • pressure water level sensor 0-2,5 m/ 4-20 mA, including its holder 
  • connection cable between water level sensor and control system not included (must be laid down together with the pipeline installation) 

  • tension 6,3 kV, frequency 50 Hz 
  • protections for: under voltage, over voltage, under frequency, over frequency, over current, current asymmetry, reverse watt surge 
  • robust steel cabinet with cable entry from the bottom 
  • power cable between generator and switchboard (Al) – not included   

Accompanying Documentation:
  • cross-section diagram of the SHPP 
  • drawings on the disposition of all supplied equipments in the machine room and next to the machine room, including the specification of sizes for the location of equipment 
  • other characteristic cross-sections considered by the supplier to be necessary in order to determine the proportions of the SHPP, including the part of the inlet 
  • load and maximum proportions for transportation and handling 
  • automation chart including the quantity of protections 
  • necessary documents during assembly and operation, during maintenance and repairs

Jan Vasicek MSc.
Country Representative 


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